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Ministry of Care – Class for new members

Please consider serving with the Ministry of Care of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.

Visit homebound parishioners, residents of Montgomery Place, and those hospitalized (UCH). Due to normal attrition and the pandemic, we have significantly fewer people working as part of the ministry. We are a Eucharistic ministry called to serve those unable to come to Church and receive Holy Communion. As Christians, we are called by Jesus to serve those in need. The Eucharistic ministry allows lay people with training to serve in this vital role.

There will be much more info and support to prepare you if you choose to participate.

We have set a tentative date of October 22, 2022 for the beginning of the class. The date may change depending on the interest in participating in our Ministry of Care and the availability of those interested. Let us know if you have any interest. To do so, you can call the parish office at 773-324-2626 and let Lisa Couch know. She will put you in touch with one of the coordinators (Sharon Dobbs and Pat White) or another Minister of Care. Also, watch the bulletin for more information.