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ear Friends, our 150th Anniversary Celebration of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is on the horizon!

Beginning September 9, 2018, St. Thomas the Apostle Church will celebrate our 150th anniversary as a parish church in Chicago and we would like you to be involved. Choose from a variety of ways you can join in the planning and festivities. We will have opportunities for those who are willing to help plan events and for those who want to serve in other ways. Everyone can play a part. Let’s get to know one another better as we play and pray as a community. Let’s celebrate!

Steering Committee: Candace Scheidt, Paula Jones, and Gwen Anderson.

Links to download:
Powerpoint presentation “Committees for our 150th Anniversary Celebration” (PDF version))
Newsletter for the Picnic:  150 years – 1869-2019 – St. Thomas the Apostle Celebrates a Sesquicentennial (pdf)

Save the Date (2018-2019): 

150th Save the date

Download the poster (pdf)

Anniversary Page from our Bulletin: 

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