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Reopening Update

Latest COVID guidelines from the Archdiocese

(slightly abbreviated for parishioners)

Please be aware of this good news. Let us continue to be respectful of each other’s comfort levels with the lifting of many of the COVID restrictions


  • All capacity restrictions are lifted.
  • Masses, liturgies, sacramental celebrations, parish/school events and all offices may resume 100% capacity.  

Physical Distancing

  • Physical distancing is NOT required for vaccinated persons. 
  • Physical distancing is recommended by public health authorities, when possible, for unvaccinated persons if conditions allow up to 6 ft. of separation. 


  • Masks are NOT required for vaccinated persons.  […]
  • Masks are recommended by public health authorities for unvaccinated indoors, particularly in crowded venues.  

Hand Sanitizing

  • Hand sanitizer should remain prominently available in churches, schools and offices. 

Masses and Liturgies

  • All forms of sacramental and liturgical ministry may resume normal practice with a few minor exceptions noted below.
  • Registration is no longer required. […]
  • Proof of vaccination is not required for attendance at any liturgies or services.
  • Holy Water fonts may be filled and used.
  • Ushers may resume their pre-pandemic routine; […]
  • Choirs, congregational signing, oral responses, use of worship aids, envelopes and bulletins may be fully resumed if not already done. 
  • The Sign of Peace may be restored. […]
  • Reception of Holy Communion:
    • Receiving Holy Communion in the hand no longer requires extra hand sanitizing on the part of the Communicant. […]
    • Receiving Holy Communion on the tongue may resume; […].
    • Distributing/receiving Holy Communion from the cup remains suspended at this time; […].

 Social gatherings

  • All social gatherings (potlucks, office luncheons, parish picnics, carnivals, etc.) may resume while incorporating the guidance on masks and physical distancing noted here. 

Reporting COVID-related Illnesses

Parishes should continue to encourage parishioners to report if they become COVID-positive and if they attended a Mass or liturgy within three days of diagnosis. […]:

 Anointing of the Sick

Beginning July 1, the COVID-19 Anointing Team will be deactivated, and parishes will need to resume providing anointers for hospitals within their area that normally would call for Anointing of the Sick.  […]

Again, we thank everyone for your patience and commitment to serving the people of God, our communities and one another amidst year-long protocols and guidelines. In many ways, the Archdiocese of Chicago has been a role model during the pandemic because of each of you.

Let us continue to pray for an end to the pandemic globally and the grace to move forward in solidarity and charity with our sisters and brothers around the world, down the street and next door in a renewed way.