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A word from Fr. Chris

Dear parishioners of St. Thomas.

The outbreak of coronavirus almost nine weeks ago has disrupted our daily activities. The virus markers are disruption, inconvenience, isolation, discouragement, fear, anxiety, and sadness. The virus has upended all our routines. And while we sense that the virus has put us in a dangerous place, we also know that we have entered unknown territory. Last week, the Cardinal announced that we will be slowly reopening our churches for baptisms, weddings, funerals, and private adorations for the limited number of ten people or fewer. Please read the Cardinal’s letter on page 5 of this bulletin, as well as the additional communication from me on page 7. Please do not hesitate to call the office for any concerns or for more information.

That being said, I would like to share few ideas for our readings this weekend…

After three years of traveling with Jesus, after seeing him arrested, tried, and crucified, after seeing him risen from the dead, even after forty days of Holy Spirit-inspired instruction—after all this, the apostles are still confused. They ask Jesus if he is now going to kick out the Romans and restore Israel to its former glory. They just didn’t get it yet. Still we can ask a similar question today: Lord, when are you going to come and set everything right again? What about all the wars, diseases, viruses, poverty and bad leadership and governance among other evils?

In response, Jesus tells the apostles and us: Yes, I came to establish the kingdom of God but I want you to help build it.

It is fitting then to praise Jesus with “a blare of trumpets” (responsorial psalm), and to continue our ministry of making disciples of all nations.

Our Lord may have ascended, but the work of his kingdom continues, and he has placed that work in our hands. That’s why he promised us the Holy Spirit. We need the spirit so that our attempts to preach the gospel, take a stand against sin, and lift up the poor are fulfilled with God’s own grace and love.

May the risen Lord bless us all.

~Fr Chris.