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Peace and Justice

“Whatever you do for one of these,
the least of my sisters and brothers,
you did it for me” (Matt 25:40)

The Peace and Justice Committee takes Jesus’ words from the Matthew Gospel 25:40 to heart. The Committee is avowedly activist in looking for ways to change the economic, social, and political order of our city, our country, and our world to reflect the reign of God.

Who we are: The Peace and Justice Ministry is a faith-centered group of St. Thomas Parishioners, whose work is based on Catholic Social Teachings and the present focus areas of the Catholic Church: Immigration & Refugees; Education and Opportunities for Youth Living in Poverty; Labor issues, Shelter and Housing; Ending Racism and Environmental Policy. We seek to transform the principles of Catholic Social Teaching into concrete social actions through nurturing a greater public presence on justice and peace issues.

What we do: We look outward in a variety of ways:

  • informing ourselves and the members of the parish on these issues through bulletin articles, hosting speakers, raising awareness about current injustices
  • present in our world today and encouraging to take actions appropriate to a parish community,
  • collecting and providing information at literature tables or visual displays, and suggestions about how to make our voices heard,
  • coming together to reflect, discuss, and form plans of action in our Parish, Community, City,
  • planning, organizing and/or participating in signature campaigns for social issues,
  • organizing volunteers to help neighborhood organizations that are understaffed or underfunded,
  • and many more.

Requirements: New members are always welcome to join us in looking for ways to move our faith in action.

Contact: Vacant. For more information contact Parish Office at (773) 324-2626.

“If you want peace, work for justice.” – Pope Paul VI

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
Mother Teresa

Download and print out the brochure (PDF): Outreach – Social Justice brochure