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Ministry of Care Winter 2019 Training

Serving Beyond the Church Walls: Matthew 25:36 I was ill and you cared for me

Come explore becoming a Minister of Care at St. Thomas the Apostle Church (STA) in Hyde Park

Ministers of Care bring communion, prayer, and compassion to the sick and homebound.

WINTER 2019 Training Dates:

  • Online Class portion opens February 25th
  • Class completion meeting on March 23rd from 9am-1pm at St. Thomas.

For more information contact:  Sharon Dobbs: or Pat White:

Read more about Ministers of Care: and

If you aren’t able to attend the fall classes let us know your contact information and we will keep you informed about the next training dates.

Questions? See Q&A:

ministryofcaretrainingWhat are the basic requirements to become a Minister of Care?

The minister of care is a baptized active Catholic who is “called” to serve by bringing Holy Communion, presence, and prayer to our parishioners who are homebound, hospitalized, or in a nursing home. The biggest requirement is the desire to serve in this special role.

How many hours does a minister of care usually work in providing this wonderful service?

Time is flexible. Many of our ministers of care give about four hours a week. And the schedule can be flexible.

Will I receive education and mentoring for the role?

Yes, there is a two pronged training program. The first is provided directly by St. Thomas and the second is provided by the University of Chicago Hospitals if you serve at one of the University of Chicago Hospitals. You will begin your service with an experienced minister of care until you are secure. Even after an individual is ready to visit a patient alone, many go to the hospital with a partner or a group.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for those who serve through St. Thomas.

If I am interested but not sure. Should I come to class?

Yes, please come. We can help you discern if this is right for you. There is no “arm twisting.” And it is OK to decide that it is not for you.

What if the dates do not work for my schedule?

We will work with you to find a time that does work.