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Bible Study – Exodus (Fall Session 2018)


The Exodus event is ancient, yet always new. It is the foundational event in which Israel came to the Lord and to know themselves as a people. The passage from bondage to freedom, from death to life, is the story of all the people of God. The revelation of God as the personal and mysterious divine presence acting in history to bring people to freedom and life is the very heart of Jewish and Christian faith. The story was told and retold in such a way that the experience of past generations and the faith of contemporary generations merged with one another, enabling us too to trust, knowing that God, who has been faithful in the past will be with us along the journey and lead us to fullness of life.

Join us for our study of Exodus!

When? Thursdays, 10am-Noon, Sept. 13-Nov. 15

Where? The Parish Hall

Coordinators: Sr. Jamie T. Phelps, OP: 504-913-4309;
Miriam Gonzalzles: 773-401-1024;
Barbara Moore: 773-363-0621;
Marionette Phelps: 312-618-3532;


Facilitator Training for Bible Study

In preparation for the start of our Bible Study, we are looking for individuals willing to step out in faith and prayerfully consider being trained to facilitate a Bible Study small group. Facilitators are not teachers (the Little Rock material provides solid scholarship). Rather, facilitators create a welcoming and open atmosphere in the group, facilitating prayer, sharing and discussion. If this sounds like it might be something for you, we invite you to join us in a one-day Leadership Training for Bible Study on Thursday, Sept. 6th, 9:15am-noon in the Parish Hall. After training you will know better whether you may wish to facilitate a small group or serve in another role of support. Questions? Contact a Coordinator above.