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Bible Study Group

Bible_Study_PicLet the Word of God influence your busy life!

  • Gain a fuller understanding of God’s word.
  • Receive a richer appreciation of our faith tradition.
  • Grow in your relationship with Christ.
  • Experience a fuller sense of Christian Community.

We invite you to join us for our 7-Week Bible Study Session which will focus on the letters of James, Peter, and Jude, using the popular Little Rock Bible Scripture Program. The Session will start Thursday, September 21, 2017 and end November 2, 2017.

Weekly meetings will convene on Thursdays, from 10am to 12pm in St. Thomas the Apostle, Parish Hall. (Facilitator meeting time is from 9:15am to 10am.)

Four different Letters will be explored: James, 1st Peter, Jude, and 2nd Peter. The author James identifies himself as “James” recalling the Hebrew name Jacob, father of the “twelve tribes of Israel”; “the brother of the Lord” and head of the Jerusalem church, appears to fit best the picture which emerges from the text. Like the prophets before him he gives expression to the voice of the poor.

1st Peter identifies himself as Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, a witness to the suffering of Christ. He recalls for the reader/hearer Jesus’ resurrection and suffering as a model for their own endurance and strength in faith.

Jude identifies himself as “Jude, a slave of Jesus Christ and brother of James.” Note: Jude is one of the shortest New Testament writings. He holds a feeling of responsibility for the Christian group. He aims to help them meet new challenging intruding teachers within the community by warning them about the dangers they face.

In 2nd Peter the writer addresses himself as Symeon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ (1.1). However it is impossible to identify 2nd Peter with the apostle Peter. It is believed the writer belongs either to the second or third generation of Christians. He incorporated 19 of Jude’s 25 verses. 2nd Peter provides encouragement to Christians to remain true to the teaching of the Apostle Peter (and Paul) and warns against accepting the novel heresies that were being propagated at the time. The four authors also provide us with many more themes in these Catholic (Universal) Letters that cannot be covered in this brief summary.

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